" Every afternoon
    the toy maker
    wipes the children’s handprints
    off the showcase...
Sunay Akın

Child and Sorrow
Istanbul Toy Museum

Museums are the memories of the societies. Democracy and every other development is relevant with the numbers of the museums in the country and the future of a country is in the plays and dreams of the children, not in the promises of the politicians. In the developed countries, toys are considered to shape the dreams of the children and make them dream bigger but in the non-developed countries, toys are just stuff for the children to idle around. The countries which help the children dream bigger can run the world while the others are just lingering outside their doors.

Sunay Akın first realized this fact on a cultural trip to Germany when he visited the Nurnberg Toy Museum. During his visits to thousands of museums all around the world, he realized that museums are the sanctuaries of knowledge. In every other museum he visited, he felt how this lack of knowledge is affecting his country. He made a lot of beginnings in the museum area in his country. Other than the Istanbul Toy Museum, he also opened Antalya Toy Museum, Gaziantep Game and Toy Museums and Ataşehir Game Museum. He also gave life to Barış Manço Museum in Istanbul and Stove Museum in Antalya. He also developed ideas such as turning the Maiden's Tower, Haydarpaşa Train Station and six other train stops on the historical Istanbul- Baghdad road into museums.

Knowing the word “Museum” comes from the word “Muse”, he always defended that the societies need museums as their muses to develop.

Sunay Akın believes that the future of the society is not within the stock markets but in the emotions stock market. As the shares rate in the stock market, emotions rate at the museums.