" We are like two tracks
    of a railway
    what difference
    does it make
    if the last station is near
Sunay Akın


Sunay Akın’s work on literature and history has always been admired and made the artist known as “Researcher Poet”.

As a detail master, he put on stage the surprising subjects of different topics that are somehow connected to each other.

The most important specialty of Akın’s stage performance is that he can make the audience break their walls between looking and seeing, considering he can maintain the light of a thousand books in his one hour show.

Sunay Akın has become unique in his league with his smooth language, acting ability and surprising stories and succeeded to expand his shows from theaters to institutional organizations.

Definitions such as “removing obstacles in front of creativity and innovation”, “truth following the footsteps of dreams”, “knowledge known as a whale wondering in shallow waters” and “making move in a chess game instead of hunting stones in checkers” are not enough to describe his stage performances!

The best way to do so is to invite you to watch one of his stage performances with a quote from Victor Hugo: “Poet, don’t tell me about rain, make it rain".